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I’m Ben Palkowski and I appreciate you stopping by! You can read more about my services below. First, I will share a few words about my perspective and generally what my business is all about.


As a dual-licensed attorney and certified public accountant with diverse experience in law, accounting and politics, I see the big picture. I help organizations and the people behind them execute their political programs. Mindful of the financial responsibilities, legal ramifications and regulatory landmines associated with engaging in the political process, I provide campaign finance compliance and related services to entities of all types.


If you think I may be able to help, please contact me. Let’s see whether we are a good fit for each other!


Over the years, I have immersed myself in a number of different roles. Supplementing the legal and financial lenses through which I view my work, I have the added perspective of someone who has been on the ground for local, state and federal political campaigns. In addition, I have served as government relations counsel, representing trade associations, municipalities, labor unions, businesses and other coalitions before legislative and regulatory bodies.


I drew on my unique blend of experience to form the foundation of this campaign finance advisory firm.


More about working with me:


  • Location. My office is based in Boston, but travel frequently throughout New England and beyond. When in-person meetings are necessary, I am happy to either host or travel. I’m flexible.
  • Privacy and security. I encourage the use a secure portal, not email, to exchange particularly sensitive information.
  • Fees. I generally prefer to work on flat fees because it tends to be the most simple and transparent arrangement. However, other options are available.
  • How to begin. Contact me directly to start the conversation!


Whether influencing the legislative process or participating in elections, when money touches politics, failure to play by the rules can have expensive or embarrassing consequences. Meanwhile, scrutiny awaits from all directions — the media, government regulators, adversaries, watchdog groups and the electorate.


I oversee accounting and campaign finance compliance for businesses, trade associations, labor unions, and other tax-exempt entities. In addition, I handle matters before tax and campaign finance regulatory authorities. I also consult with organizations on their solicitation programs and the day-to-day administration of their separately segregated funds.


As a dual-licensed attorney-CPA with experience in the various corners of the political arena, organizations rest assured that they have a professional on their team who possesses a holistic understanding of the campaign finance regulatory system, including how to manage political programs on a practical level.


Rather than overstating the complexity of campaign finance, it would suffice to say that it can be very tricky and is constantly evolving. When such matters are beyond the scope of a conventional practitioner, or your in-house finance or legal team, I can help. Some of my recent work includes:


  • Forming new political and tax-exempt entities
  • Compiling and reviewing federal, state and local campaign finance disclosure reports
  • Overseeing day-to-day accounting
  • Preparing tax returns
  • Administering separately segregated funds and other PACs
  • Reviewing solicitation programs
  • Providing background information and analysis to media outlets

Here are some helpful tools regarding campaign finance, including financial data, compliance guidance and legal resources:



Unsure about whether I can help? Please feel free to contact me anyway. I have diverse professional networks that stretch across the country. If I cannot help, I may be able to guide you in the right direction.

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